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Application Notes


This page contains a broad range of Application Notes covering the usage of the RTCU Products.

1-Wire Basics
Describes the usage and limitations of the 1-Wire bus
  Please refer to the technical manual for the Modular 1-wire concept here.
Serial Communication Forwarder
Demonstrates RS232 communication forward over GPRS using two RTCU units.
V1.00 LIO-AN1003.pdf
MX2i Series Programming Cable for RS232 serial port 2
Describes how to make a programming cable for RS232 serial port 2 (RJ45) when used as an alternative programming port.
V1.00 LIO-AN1004.pdf
MX2i Series RJ45 to RS232 converter cable (RT-O-RJ45SM)
Describes how to make the converter cable from RS232 to the RJ45 present on the MX2i Series.
V1.00 LIO-AN1005.pdf
DynDNS Support
This application note describes how to take advantage of the services on www.dyndns.com to keep track of the dynamically allocated IP-address in a typical GSM network topology. Using the RTCU Gateway is the preferred method of communication, but in some cases the approach in this application note can be deployed.
V1.01 LIO-AN1006.zip
Remote serial port using virtual device driver
Demonstrates the use of a virtual device driver running under Windows, that tunnels data over a standard TCP/IP socket connection to a GPRS connected RTCU unit.
The package includes the full source code for the RTCU as well as complete documentation, that can also be read here.

Uses the HW Virtual Serial Port available FREE from
V1.01 LIO-AN1007.zip


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