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RTCU Gateway 2


RTCU Communication Hub V1.04
Released:  August 30, 2020.


This is  release includes the following enhancements and bug-fixes:

  •  Heartbeat functionality offering a low-latency detection of devices that go offline/online.
    Supported by the latest NX32L R1.70.00 and in the coming X32/NX32 firmware V5.12.
  •  BUG: The extended client list did not include the correct IP address and port.
  •  Various minor improvements.

The usage of the Heartbeat functionality is documented in the RTCU Communication Hub Developers Kit V1.10.





RTCU Communication Hub V1.02
Released:  May 3, 2020.


This is a minor release.

Bug fixes:

  •  High CPU usage during idle operation.



Communication Hub V1.00
Released:  February 16, 2020.

This is the first release of the RTCU Communication Hub.